Introduction to the IME at Tsinghua University

Founded in 1996, the Institute of ManufacturingEngineering at Tsinghua University was incorporated from four research groups including: research and teaching group of manufacturing technologies, equipment and automation of machinery, manufacturing system laboratory of national computer integratedmanufacturing (CIMS) Engineering Research Center (ERC), robotics laboratory, research and teaching group of engineering graphics and CAD. The IME is a comprehensive education and research program which covers the areas of machine design, and manufacturing


The IME has obtained many accomplishments in the development of industry and academia of nationalmanufacturing. The IME has 53 faculty and staff members, and about 150 graduate students. The laboratories and centers of the IME include: Manufacturing System & CIMS Lab, CAD Education Center of Tsinghua University, Manufacturing Engineering Training Center, Robotics and Automation Lab, Numerical Control Technology Lab, Precision and Nontraditional Manufacturing Lab, Green Manufacturing Engineering Lab, and IC Equipment R&D Center etc. The facilities and equipments of the IME include amount of advanced manufacturing andmeasurement devices, such as vertical/horizontal machine centers, electric spark machine tool, parallel machine tool, nanometer-precision workbench, coordinate measuring machine, laser measurement system, laser tracker, and professional analysis and design software packages etc.


The IME received national acclaim and won several academic awards. In 1958 collaborating with industry, the IME built the first numerical control machine tool of China. In 1993 the IME co-founded the first CIMS of China, which is the co-recipient of SME¡¯s Albert M. Sargent Progress Award in 1994. In 1997 the IME developed the first large-scale boring milling parallel machine tool of China. During 2006 to 2010, the IME has undertaken more than 80 research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National High Technology R&D Program of China (program 863), National Basic Research Program of China (program 973), Important National Science & Technology Specific Projects of China, etc.,among which about 20 projects won the national and ministry awards of China. Moreover, the IME has published 246 SCI/EI indexed papers, and awarded 78 national invention patents.


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